Monster Hunter: World Review

With 250 hours played I think its a good time to write a review on Monster Hunter: World. Its a beloved franchise from Capcom starting back on the PlayStation 2 in 2004. This however, is my first game in the franchise and was sucked into it, hard. But to be honest with you, I haven’t paid attention to the story. It didn’t seem that interesting or ground breaking so that will not be part of my review and even with so many hours played, I still haven’t seen everything that the game has to offer. I am just barley starting the huge expansion pack Iceborne which adds a lot of new content to the game. So this wont be a review of the over all game but more of just my experience playing it.

Monster Hunter:world can be explained in three steps. 1. Defeat monster. 2. Collect its parts. 3. Make new weapons and Armour from those parts. Rinse and repeat. Meaning you will have to defeat a monster multiple times to get all the parts needed to get that specific set you are trying to make. It sounds tedious, and it can be sometimes, but the combat and online mode definitely make you look past it. Most of the hours I’ve spent on monster hunter have been online playing with other people. Fighting monsters as a group increases the monsters power making it harder to take down, but you also get more rewards at the end of the scenario. The way the game is set up is that there are seven places to go to on the map. Two of which are home bases that have no monsters in them and one being the new Ice borne expansion. The five playable areas are all split up and are somewhat big with multiple layers. Certain quests and certain monsters are only in certain places. The quest giver makes it easy to figure out what quest to do or what quest to go on for a certain monster. While you are on quests you will run into things that you can harvest and collect to make other things such as health potions or speed boost which you will need because this game is not that easy.

The combat in this game is the real meat and bones. With 18 different weapon types theirs a lot to tryout and master. I stuck with the Inset Glave and the Sword and Shield for most of my time playing. All the weapons play different roles on helping the team defeat the monster. The way it plays is hard to describe, I’d say its like Dragons Dogma or a Dark Souls feel as in you cant get out of an animation after you started it. So timing and placement are key factors in getting a hit on the monster. One of the funnest things is actually getting on top of the monster. Some weapons allow you to jump on the back of the monster making it easier to take down, if you can hold on long enough. I found it to be one of, if not my favorite thing to do in the game. With something so awesome, I think its time to talk about one thing that isn’t so awesome, which is the sharpening aspect. During battle your weapon will get dull, meaning you have to retreat and find a place to sharpen it. It gets a little tedious, especially in the beginning, but in the later game your weapons will be stronger and have more of an edge making it dull way slower allowing you to be in the fight longer. There’s a lot more to combat and I could talk about it forever, but I think its time to just highlight some small things that really make me love this game even more.

There are many little things in this game that are just purely extra content that you don’t see very often anymore in video games as a whole, so I thought I’d shine some light on them. You have full room customization from paintings, to bookshelf’s. Their’s a lot to customize to make it just the way you want. You can fish! Catching fish sometimes gives you items and allows you to put that fish in your rooms pond. You can also catch many other bugs and creatures in the world, and then let them run around your room. Some of the animals even have a rare variant. You also have a Palico a cat that follows you on your journey and helps you in battle when playing alone. You can upgrade its armor and weapons just like your own. Do you like gardening? Because this to also has gardening. You can pick what crops you want and harvest them when there ready. Maybe you just want to kick back and enjoy a dip in the hot spring. There is so much content it’s hard to cover it all!

Monster Hunter: World is a giant game that would take a huge book to cover all the minute details but it’s a game worth trying to figure out. It can be a daunting challenge at times and you might get frustrated. I dont know if this game is for everyone, but I think if you have the time and patience you will see through the rough edges and monotony to the great center that is this game. I love Monster Hunter: World and I encourage you to go try it out, at least play a demo and see if you can get sucked in like I have.


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