Holdfast: Nations At War Review

If I told you there is a game where you stand in a line and shoot a musket while someone on the left of you is playing Russian techno, and a person on the right is doing an old war reenactment, would you be interested? Well i’m hooked! Holdfast by Anvil Game Studio is a strange but exciting experience. Its a hidden indie gem that I believe more people should be looking at.

Holdfast is a war simulator set in the Napoleonic Era. You will play as the United Kingdom, Prussia, French, and Russia so no Americans in this one. Each game can hold up to 150 players for land battles and 80 for sea battles. There are 16 different classes with different stats and weapons. You can even be a flue player or a drummer and give a buff to the team mates around you (which I found to be very enjoyable). One of the biggest differences this game has is how shooting works. There is no automatic weapons, you literally get one shot then you have to reload, which takes about a minute so you really have to make your shot count! There isn’t much to the game play, but when you are huddled together with Russian techno guy and the reenactor behind a wooden wall while getting shot at is some real entertainment. There are even dedicated groups that put on reenactment like games which are a lot of fun and open to the public!

Its an experience that might not be for everyone and I can completely understand. The game play isn’t always the most exciting and it takes sometime to get used to the one shot per minute mentality; But I believe its uniqueness and community really holds it together. Its important that these games get made and brought to light. Indie games like this may get overlooked and drowned out by AAA titles or random malware on Steam. I’m glad that I happened to just bump into Holdfast it has given me hours and hours of enjoyment and I hope it does the same for you.


Anvil Game Studio: https://anvilgamestudios.com/presskit/

Steam page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/589290/Holdfast_Nations_At_War/


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